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Deadline for abstract submission: 30 March 2018 / Deadline for early registration: 20 May 2018

This workshop addresses the ongoing efforts towards animal population imaging, a domain still in infancy.

Sharing requirements will grow in the next future for similar motivations to those for human research, i.e. optimize costs and subject participation, improvement of quality of science (use of sufficiently large animal cohorts for ensuring statistical result validity, especially for drug development process) and enhancement of research discovery.

The APPNING workshop is focused on conceptual and methodological aspects and existing solutions to support the sharing of animal imaging data and processing tools: data structures, application ontologies, new paradigms for handing data, atlas construction, interoperability of repositories, semantic queries, image processing composition, local or grid-access execution, software and hardware architectures, and pros and cons of existing working solutions.

This workshop will help to promote the federation of multiple sources of information, processing tools and diffusion of knowledge distributed in various centers for preclinical studies.

In addition to the invited lectures, you are invited to submit a 2-pages abstract for the poster session. Deadline: 30 March 2018

Looking forward to a great hAPPeNING in Paris !

Michel Dojat, Jan G. Bjaalie, Emmanuel L. Barbier (organizing committee) 




9h-9h30: Welcome and workshop opening

9h30-10h15: G. Allan Johnson (Duke Univeristy, Durham, NC, USA)

10h15 11h00: Jan Bjaalie (Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Oslo, Norway) 

11h00-12h00: Poster teasing session (3’x20)

12h00-13h30: Lunch and poster session

13h30-14h15: Michael Hawrylycz (Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, USA)

14h15-15h00:  Markus von Kienlin (Roche Innovation Center, Basel, Switzerland)

15h00-15h15: Coffee break

15h15-16h00: Anna Kreshuk (Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, Heidelberg, Germany)

16h-16h15: Industry corner

16h15-17h00: Round table: Challenges for population imaging in animal studies?

17h00: End of the workshop.


Program Committee

Alexandra Badea, Duke University, USA
Rembrandt Bakker, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, NL
Emmanuel L. Barbier, Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences, France
Jan Bjaalie, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Norway
Nicolas Costes, Cermep, France
Thierry Delzescaux, Mircen, France
Michel Dojat, Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences, France
Michael Hawrylycz, Allen Institute, USA
Marc Henkelman, Mouse Imaging Centre, CA
Sean Hill, EPFL, Switzerland
Aoki Ichio, NIRS, Japan
G. Allan Johnson, Duke University, USA 
Michael Kain, Inria, FR
Frank Kober, CRMBM, France
Jessica Nielson Fergusson Lab, USA
Vincent Noblet, Unistra, France
Roberto Toro, Institut Pasteur, France
Markus von Kienlin, F. Hoffmann- La Roche, Switzerland

France Life ImagingGrenoble Institute for Neuroscience

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